London Lane is 16 years old, and to everyone except her mother and her best friend, she seems like a normal teenage girl. The truth is that at 4.33 a.m. every day, her mind resets, and her short-term memories are replaced with parts of the future that she ‘remembers’. Every evening she writes notes for the morning to remind herself of the small details of life that everyone else takes for granted. Her biggest challenge when a new boy, Luke, comes to school and the two soon fall in love. Yet London really meets him for the first time every single day, learning about him through her notes. She tries to keep her secret safe but it becomes increasingly difficult.

Forgotten is an original and captivating story based on believable emotions and characters. The plot is one of the more interesting I’ve come across in a long time.

This novel dives straight into the story, which never loses speed or our interest. Watching London make her way through the difficult teenage years with this additional problem is heartbreaking, but she is always is very likeable, easy to relate to, and her decisions in life and love are thought-provoking. Watching her meet Luke and fall in love with him over and over again never became tiring – if anything, it endears you to the characters even more.

This is a fantastic read for anyone craving winning characters and a thrilling plot.