Fox and Chick: The Party and Other Stories

Fox and Chick have many adventures together. Fox and Chick are funny and have fun. Fox and Chick do not always agree. But nevertheless, Fox and Chick are always friends.

The Party and Other Stories features a classic odd couple made up of a patient, if somewhat exasperated, Fox and a lively but perhaps occasionally irritating Chick, whose adventures form the basis of the three entertaining stories within. Each tale follows a simple pattern of Chick interjecting himself into Fox’s routine with comic results. However, Ruzzier works a little magic around this convention by crafting stories that are uniquely funny, charming and unexpected.

The friendship between the two opposite characters is never in doubt despite their different temperaments and their adventures are gentle but never dull and always told with great humour and warmth. In this regard, they reminded me of the great Piggy and Elephant series by Mo Willems, which is a very high compliment to Ruzzier’s own animal buddy duo.

Blending easy reading text and gorgeous pastel coloured illustrations into an unthreatening comic book style panel format, Fox and Chick is perfect for both reading aloud or as a first book for new and emerging readers.