In this, the follow-up to the acclaimed Oasis, Eilis Barrett continues to push boundaries and break new ground in dystopian YA fiction.

Captured, incarcerated and now classified as a major security risk, heroine Quincy Emerson longs for freedom from Oasis and its entire value system – and craves revenge against those who have destroyed what she perceives to be her only hope of regaining control of her life. Escape from the maximum-security prison known as the Colosseum is rumoured to be impossible, but Quincy has nothing to lose.

As its predecessor, Genesis is an assured, inventive and challenging novel. Its science-fiction is not only believable but also sharply relevant in a society consumed with ideas of otherness and conformity. Quincy continues to convince as the series’ flawed and compelling heroine; wonderfully characterised, she is never anything less than utterly relatable. The action never seems to flag, and Barrett maintains a firm and confident grip on her narrative, never giving the reader the space or the time to become complacent. As the concluding volume of a two-part series, Genesis has a lot to do in a relatively short space of time, but it delivers a deeply satisfying conclusion that rewards the reader on multiple levels.

Gripping, intuitive and compulsive, this novel is a must-read for any sci-fi fan.