Get Out and Play… Football!

The children of Ireland are being encouraged to get more active by Rod Smith with the second instalment of his Get Out and Play fiction series, following on from the success of the launch of Get Out and Play… GAA! But this time, football is on the agenda.

Granddad Mick is on a mission to pry his grandson, Oscar Rafferty, from his video games again now that the GAA season is over and his brainwave this time is to introduce him to football. However, Granddad Mick’s efforts are being undermined by a mysterious group of people who want to get Oscar hooked up again to his video games. 

RTE Guide praised the Get Out and Play series, believing that it’s the answer to every exasperated parent who’s desperate to remove their children from their electronic dependencies. A strong claim and only time will tell if Rod Smith can prove to be reality’s Granddad Mick.