This is a genuinely scary story for young adults and reading it on Halloween night certainly added to the frisson for this reviewer! Originally published in 2008, it tells the story of Nat and his sister Sandy who communicate with the dead, carrying out séances to make a living. Generally it is a sham and they feel a modest amount of guilt about this, especially Nat, but they learned their trade from their mother who is no longer alive and there is a ready market for what they offer. They have perfected various tricks to convince their gullible though ultimately vulnerable audiences. However, once the dead genuinely start communicating, the pair are terrified and unequipped to deal with what they have stumbled upon.

Featuring a fragile young woman, a loathsome murderer and a house reeking with palpable malevolence, Ghosting has all the ingredients of a classic horror tale – with a gruesome Bluebeardesque twist. It is a moral tale of exploitation, evil and retribution and will undoubtedly dissuade the mildly curious from dabbling with otherworldly realms for fear of the uncontrollable power that may be unleashed. Ghosting is one of the Barrington Stoke Teen series with its trademark font, cream paper colour and manageable book length. The combination of short exciting chapters with cliff hanger endings, a strong plot and clearly delineated characters ensure that it will be a much sought after title for the target audience.