Ghostly Riders

Phil Carradice’s poems are very imaginative, and often gripping and stark. They will especially appeal to boys. The ones in this collection reflect the more scary and grim aspects of life, spoken by boys or young men caught up in threatening situations. Several of the voices are those of people from the past: a Roman soldier says, ‘we are soldiers, there’s no other way/So we fight and they give us a fistful of pay’ (‘Roman Soldier’). A small farmer under Cromwell says, ‘The Cavaliers and the Roundheads?/I wish they all were dead’ (‘For King and Parliament’).

In other poems, a child speaks of hopes and fears. Conflict and love at home, bullying on the street, wearing but losing Dad’s army medals – all these serious subjects are brought into daylight. This is a collection for boys of 11+ as they develop into adolescents looking around the world with serious eyes