Giddy-Up! Let’s Ride!

Based on the nursery rhyme, ‘This is the way the ladies ride,’ this attractive book for sharing with the youngest child is a bright, colourful exploration of ways of riding, not just horses but other animals too. In most cases an exaggeratedly small rider is perched atop a huge animal, and we are invited to consider the ways in which a variety of people might ride, from a fairy (on a unicorn) and a rajah (on an elephant), to a nomad (a camel of course) and a cowgirl (a prancing palomino).

Coupled with each picture is a rhythmic line that includes a repetitive description of the sound they might make. The jockey rides ‘faster and faster, faster and faster’, and so on.

McDonnell’s illustrations are deceptively simple and bright, with no white space and the brief text incorporated into the background colour of each double-page spread, which gives a warm and inviting feel to the book. With its repetitive rhythm and opportunity for sharing, this enjoyable book would be ideal for parents and carers to use with the youngest child.