Girls Who Changed The World

From the author of Girls Who Rocked the World comes another volume of inspirational narratives for girls. Its overall message is that anything is possible. As she says on the cover: ‘Going after your dream doesn’t have to wait – be empowered by these incredible women and start changing the world now.’

The author has imagined narrative scenes based on factual events to draw readers into the lives of the profiled women, which makes the book feel geared towards younger teens. It is also skewed towards American women (25 are from the U.S.), but the remainder are from across the globe, including our own Granuaille.

This is a meaty book full to the brim with interesting and powerful stories that will grip readers. Information boxes throughout contain fascinating details, fascinating mini-histories of prodigies and inventors and teens’ responses to the question, ‘How will you change the world?’

That all women featured changed the world is arguable. Many overcame enormous challenges from disability to trauma, racism and discrimination to bullying and poverty. Others were just extremely determined and incredibly talented. You could argue that they paved the way for others, but overall it can feel like a bit of a mixed bag even if all carry the message that it is important to dream, to question and to have ambition.