Grandad’s Camper

Every summer, a young girl visits her grandad’s cottage by the sea. It’s full of fruits and vegetables from the garden, places to hide and treasures from Grandads’ travels around the world with Gramps. More than anything, she loves to hear the stories about the amazing adventures Grandad and Gramps had together. Gramps is gone now, and Grandad doesn’t feel like having adventures – it just wouldn’t be the same. Then one day, the young girl has a wonderful idea to bring that missing spark back into Grandad’s life. They go to the garage, uncover the old camper van and…

Acceptance and love are at the heart of this sweet story about grief and the importance of the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren; the interest they show each other, the energy it brings and how it heals. As Grandad’s memories unfold, along with the sense of how much is missing, their granddaughter turns it into a celebration of the life Grandad and Gramps shared with her genuinely expressed fascination and heartfelt love. Grandad’s excitement for travel is renewed as the pair take off together, remembering, rebuilding, making new memories, and it seems a whole new world is opened to them both. The illustrations are lively, bright and full of detail, each page echoing the feelings that flow across the page. They bring the story to life – tender, vibrant, joyous!

Woodgate states that one purpose for this book is to begin to fill the ‘lack of LGBTQ characters in children’s books.’ They have certainly accomplished this, and much, much more.