Guinea Pigs Go Gardening

A charming and gentle introduction to the world of gardening and growing your own fruit and vegetables, Guinea Pigs Go Gardening features Ginger and Bob, a pair of guinea pigs who plan ahead to organise their delicious harvest for the next year. The book begins with gardening tips to explain key concepts like how composting works, and the story begins in winter, when Bob and Ginger must decide what to plant in the coming year. When spring comes, they must ready their garden, preparing the soil by weeding and composting.

This is informative and educational material of the best kind, small children will adore the colourful, upbeat illustrations and will be keen to put their new knowledge to use. The importance of composting, earthworms and bees is explored, as are kind methods to discourage pests. We learn that certain fruit (like strawberries) are ready in early summer, that mid-summer is best for vegetables like carrots, and that apples and pumpkins will be ready in the autumn, whilst winter will, once again, be time to plan for the year ahead.

This is a lovely tale of friendship and working together to overcome odds – in the form of reaching agreement, working together, and overcoming such pests as slimy slugs and pigeons – with bright and friendly illustrations accompanying the text. Highly recommended.