Hamish: The Bear who Found His Child

‘I don’t need a special child,’ boasts the confident, independent and mischievous Hamish Bear. Indeed, one would be forgiven for siding with his declaration when Moira Munro takes us on an eye-opening behindthe- scenes tour of the magical teddy shop where our queries about toys’ activities in the absence of grown-ups are addressed: they do have pillow fights, bounce on beds, ride scooters and, as in Hamish’s case, break the Teddy Bear rules. Ironically, it is when Hamish is in breach of these very rules that the true depth of his rebellious disposition is revealed – he, like all the other bears and many humans also, yearns for the love of another. Not only does he realise this but he goes to great lengths, and heights, to fulfil this wish.

This is a charming and heart-warming story where Hamish is at last reunited with his ‘special child’. Munro’s accompanying illustrations are simple and fun. Hamish is brought to life so cleverly with just the most subtle of eye movements and facial expression. This story succeeds in maintaining a child’s innocent faith in the ‘happily ever after’ genre. And for the more cynical older reader it not only reassures that, as promised on the cover, ‘for every child there is a teddy’ but also for every teddy there is a child.