Maddie Morrow travels to visit her uncle at the Inn at Havenfall, in a small town in the Rocky Mountains. However, this is no ordinary inn. Beneath it lie hidden gateways between the Ancient Realms, some long sealed for the protection of the other worlds. When a body is discovered during a meeting to celebrate the Solstice, the fragile peace between these realms is compromised. Maddie must work to keep the peace and discover the truth lurking beneath Havenfall.

The central idea behind this novel is such an ingenious way to kick-start a new fantasy series. What if there wasn’t just one magical realm, but several? And what if they all had a meeting point in our very own world? The idea carries such simple elegance and so much potential for material going forward. However, what is striking about Havenfall is that, against the backdrop of such an expansive universe, the drama is kept very intimate. This is at heart a tale of how fragile peace can be, and the strength necessary to keep and maintain it.

Against this backdrop, Maddie makes for a very engaging central character, with a past burdened by tragedy, but an outlook that strives towards hope, and the desire to do what is best for the world – and worlds – around her.