Hedgehogs Don’t Live in the City

Grace and Archie are journeying through the city on their scooters when Grace thinks she spots a hedgehog bustling alongside them, but Archie thinks hedgehogs don’t live in the city. The children scoot on, wondering who their companion could be, until at last their spikey friend is revealed. The narrative of the adventure is told through gorgeous rhyming verse and the great swathes of autumnal leaves, which hide the snuffling hedgehogs, swirl throughout the pages.

Even though the backgrounds of the images are predominantly white and bare or urban grey, there is still a huge amount to look at, and the pages are packed with loads of other urban wildlife, from cats and dogs to insects, foxes and pigeons. There is also plenty of city life, traffic signs and buses, buildings and bins, juxtaposed with the beautiful colours of the autumn foliage. The urban background serves to highlight how beautiful the elements of nature are.

One of my favourite features of the book is the diagram of insects on the inside cover (the best ingredients for a hedgehog diet) with the invitation to find all the little creatures hidden on the pages. This makes the book perfect for rereading as there is the chance to not only relive the story, but to spots all the worms, woodlice and snails. The back of the book also includes fun hedgehog facts and a section about what to do if you find a hedgehog in your garden, perfect for young nature lovers.