Hello Darkness

Johnny Middleton is not your average teenager in an average school. Johnny's school is a brutal dictatorship, run by a psychotic deputy head, and enforced by his prefects – who are all too happy to beat some discipline into the students. And Johnny keeps forgetting to take his meds…

When the treasured school pets start being slaughtered in savage and bizarre ways, johnny must get to the bottom of things or risk being hated by the real leaders of the school – the Queens. Part Tolkien-esque journey, part PD-James style mystery, this novel is fast-paced and very funny, with well-written characters and witty dialogue. Anthony McGowan keeps the reader guessing until the very last page, and beyond. It's a psychological thriller in which there may be no “right answer”.

It's refreshing to see a novel for young people that has a protaganist who has flaws and problems, but these problems never become his defining feature. Fans of John Green's books, such as The Fault in our Stars, or Will Grayson Will Grayson, should enjoy this book, as should any teenager who has ever attended any school!