Henry VII (Lives in Action Series)

This is rather a gallop through the significant points in Henry VIII’s life, beginning with his succession to the throne. The chapters are short; some are only a page in length. They often have just one piece of action to relate. Pertinent facts are included but they are not dwelt upon at length. They provide a context for King Henry’s decisions, without driving the narrative.

The novel is not illustrated, however, the cover illustration is arresting and violent looking. The main image is that of an axe-head dripping with red blood. The style is reminiscent of the graphic novel, with a dark background and the bloodied axe as the sole image used to represent the key message. The title is printed below this image and looks handwritten; clear to the reader but dashed off. This creates a sense of haste and excitement, inducing the reader to get inside the book and start reading!