Here Be Dragons

Like a Pixar cartoon in book form, this funny and subversive tale pokes fun at a brave knight, whose self-proclaimed mission is to find and slay a dragon. Despite the naysayers, he has complete self-confidence and a map with an X saying ‘HERE BE DRAGONS’. As he begins his quest, readers will delight in spotting the tell-tale signs and clues that the pompous knight describes, yet fails to notice. Even when he’s stomping all over the dragon, staring into its face or wandering through its stomach, he remains oblivious. The relationship between text and picture is what makes this work so well.

Most older readers will probably know some real-life knight types, so it is refreshing to see the parts that the knight’s trusty steed and the damsel-in-distress play. The message is humorous yet relevant, and won’t go unnoticed by most younger readers either. The vivid illustrations are full of funny and clever details, and there is something new to discover with each reading. It feels like too short of a time to spend in this world of creatures and characters, and hopefully a return is imminent.