That it is printed on a Risograph, an eco-friedly, low tech printing system using soy ink which produces books in which the images are all slightly different, is a great reason to rush out and purchase Hic?, produced by that splendidly innovative Indian publisher, Tara Books. But of course, it is the delightful images, allied to an entertaining saga of a little girl who seeks a cure for her hiccups, that is the first reason for anyone who cares about good books to add this to their collection.

Eight absurd cures for the dreaded hics are suggested and demonstrated by a determined protagonist. These range from drinking a pail of water while standing on a brick, to putting mustard in your nose and then licking it, to eating twelve carrots, sixteen beans and one cinnamon stick. Even the ensuing burp from the latter fails to disrupt the persistent hiccups, and the book concludes with an appeal to the reader for suggestions for a cure.

Everyone suffers from hiccups now and again, but only the brave will try these cures – anyway they don’t work. Great fun, and lots to look at, talk about, and most importantly, laugh about.