Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is part of Barrington Stoke’s ‘Dyslexia Friendly’ series of books for teenagers. The story is one that would interest teens, while the book is printed on thick cream paper and in a particular layout and font to minimise any interference with reading the words on the page.

It is a fast-moving tale of one night. The group bully Nicola plans to scare the new girl Destiny by telling her that the school is haunted and then inviting her to spend the night there with her and her friends. Destiny agrees; she seems eager to make new friends. However, the night does not go as planned by Nicola – one by one her friends go missing, until she ends up face to face with Destiny for the final show down. The ending is left open, though full of foreboding.

The tale is really concerned with Nicola getting her comeuppance for her past crimes. The rest of the characters, bar Destiny, are there to simply move the plot along. In the end the group finds out that there is no new girl in the school, a twist that feels unsatisfactory since it relies on the testimony of an off-stage character only mentioned in passing earlier in the book. However, it is a gripping read.