After the outstanding success of their first collaboration, Irelandopedia, the talented father-and-daughter team, Fatti and John Burke are back with another gorgeous hardback. Historopedia charts 10,000 years of the story of Ireland. Beginning with the Middle Stone Age and moving right through to the Sixties, this is an impressive piece of time-travel through years of battles, disasters and rebellions.

Retaining the distinct style that made Irelandopedia stand out on the shelves, the Burke duo bring the rich history of Ireland to life through John’s fun facts and Fatti’s quirky illustrations. For kids trying to get to grips with the immensity of time or wondering what their ancestors ate, wore, and fought for, this is the perfect introduction! The book opens with a really effective timeline entitled ‘What do one hundred years look like?’ and the pages that follow colourfully depict significant events in our history such as the Battle of Clontarf, the Great Famine and the campaign for Women’s Suffrage.

This is far more than a book of historical facts, however. Fairies, púcas and banshees get a mention too, as do our famous myths and legends. The second part of the book explores Irish History under various headings such as literature, architecture, entertainment and my personal favourite, Inventions. Did you know that colour photography, atom splitting and the cure for leprosy are considered Irish inventions? Fascinating stuff.

So whether you’re a kid with a thirst for time-travel and adventure or a curious adult with a passion for history and beautifully designed books, this is a must.