History Year by Year

If you think History is boring, be prepared to think again! Beginning with the dawn of the human race, these writers have compiled a fascinating volume tracing the history of mankind and its wide array of achievements. Incorporating physical, cultural, social, political, military and religious history, this book explains every major event that has helped to shape modern society, from the invention of paper to the birth of Islam, from the discovery of America to the unleashing of punk music. Take a look inside to find out who used elephants on the battlefield, learn how the Wright brothers launched the ‘age of aviation’, and discover when the first Apple computer was introduced on the market. 

Not your average history book, this treasure trove of factual information is presented in an artistic format complete with photographs, maps and diagrams. This whistle-stop tour through the past six million years is divided into colour-coded chapters, each one focusing on a specific era, with a detailed time-line running throughout for quick reference. Using a scrap-book effect, colourful illustrations complement concise paragraphs of information, making it accessible for those who dislike large amounts of text. With information ranging from world affairs to the growth of popular culture, this comprehensive reference book is a valuable go-to guide for school projects, or anyone with a general interest in history.