Hoakes Island

Henry Hoakes, the owner of Hoakes Island, has disappeared and the island is in danger of being knocked down and redeveloped into apartments if the current residents cannot find the property deeds. Thankfully, Henry left clues for Rita and the rest of the animal inhabitants to its whereabouts and your help is needed to solve them.

Hoakes Island is a fiendishly challenging adventure puzzle book. You must solve the puzzle on each page before you find out what part of the island and what page to turn to next in your hunt for the deeds. The puzzles range from easy to hard. The challenges range from mathematical, maps, observational and mazes. All ages will find a challenge on the journey. I must own up to having to cheat once or twice and look at the back for a couple of the harder answers.

The illustration is nice and gives a lovely vintage/classic adventure feel to the story. Clever use of two-tone colouring hides illustrations and clues throughout the pages. Readers can find these with the help of a special magnifying glass provided with the book.

Overall, it was a really fun and challenging adventure book that took a few hours to finish. Which is great value for the price. The story is engaging with nice touches of humour throughout. Ideal for 6-12-year-olds who love puzzles and strategy games.