The subject of holes may seem like a strange and dull choice for a children’s book. However, Holes is a beautiful and compelling book, which is a joy to explore.

The author investigates what makes a hole a hole and attempts to show us how holes shape our world. He does so in a way that is accessible and enjoyable, and he explains difficult ideas in a clear, entertaining way.

The book is split up into five sections – natural holes, manmade holes, animal and plant holes, philosophy of holes, and ordinary and extraordinary holes. Within each section, there is much to find out and learn, and the depth of knowledge within this book is very impressive. With pages about tunnels, ocean holes, holes in Maths and holes in space, this is the kind of book that children can spend hours exploring.

It is also a beautiful book, and the illustrator has done an impressive job of illustrating such a wide-ranging subject. From landscapes to animals to abstract ideas, the book is full of stunning imagery.

The high quality production of the book is evident with a gorgeous hardcover and thick pages, and it is an excellent calling card for the publisher, 360 Degrees.

This book is perfect for any nature or science fans, but the casual reader is sure to find something of interest within its pages.