How Many Legs? A Counting Book

How Many Legs? is a quirky, retro-style, colourful counting book. Beautifully presented with stitch binding, thick paper and a sturdy cover, this mini-hardback is perfect for little hands! Spitzer uses a limited palette of yellow, red, turquoise, brown and green to great effect. The vivid, dream-like images of unicorns, mermaids, monsters and gnomes, to name but a few, leap from the page and invite the young reader to engage in a counting game with them.  
This weird and wonderful book is divided into two sections. The first part goes from 1 to 10 with both numerical and pictorial aids: 1 unicorn, 2 owls, 3 ice-creams and so on. The numbers are replaced in the second part with questions: how many mischievous monkeys? how many roaming dinosaurs? 
I felt there were some minor inconsistencies in the illustrations given that this is a book aimed at young children. The page for the number 5 asks, How many tall trees? but depicts one tall tree among four shorter ones. The squawking birds appear closed-mouthed and the wiggly fingers seem still. These few foibles, however, along with the peculiar choice of title, only add to the eccentricity of How many Legs? It is, above all else, a visual treat for both children and adults alike.