How the Sun Got to Coco’s House

As it follows the path of an early morning sunrise, Bob Graham’s picturebook leads the reader on a gentle journey around the world. A story unfolds easily as the sun pays a visit to everything from great blue whales to soaring eagles, snuffling panda bears to hungry puppy dogs.
Illustrated by the author, the book’s pictures are its driving force and will catch the reader’s attention. Both beautiful and simple, they provide a delicate and captivating vehicle for the text. The expansive landscapes span desert, forest, suburb and beyond, and lend an inclusive, international feel to this simple story. Every child will be able to catch a glimpse of their own world as they spy Alika on her way to school, Lovejoy on holidays, or Coco at home in bed.
A book for younger readers or any child interested in the world around us, How the Sun got to Coco’s House has a gentle pace and sense of familiarity that will lend itself well to becoming a bedtime favourite.