How to Be Cooler than Cool

From the first page of this book, I was in stitches. I adore this book.

We all do it: if we find a pair of sunglasses in the house, we put them on and strut around the kitchen thinking we look cool. Men In Black cool. Blues Brothers cool. But no sunglasses can hide the adorable klutz inside for long.

That’s the premise: a bunch of friends find a pair of sunglasses and take turns trying to look cool, with hilarious results. Story and illustration are married so well in this book. Sean Taylor sets up the scene with his words and Jean delivers the payoff with his illustrations. It is a wonderful combination that great picturebooks do so well.

I am a big fan of Jullien’s illustrations. Big chunky lines, vibrant colours and every stroke is full of personality. My absolute favourite spreads are the poses each character makes when looking cool and the anticipation they create because you just know things are not going to go to plan.

How to Be Cooler than Cool is a book about being who you are and not trying to create a fake image based on a mistaken idea of what cool is. This is a brilliantly funny and very, very cool book for ages 0–7.