How to Catch a Mouse

This beautiful picturebook tells the story of a very confident young cat, called Clemmie, who sees herself as the best mouse-catcher ever. She has actually never seen a mouse, but she thinks this is because the mice are all so afraid of her. Of course, there is a clever little mouse to be found outmaneuvering her right through the story. In her search for mice, Clemmie gets up to all kinds of mischief, leaving a trail of disaster, as she pulls down everyday objects which she suspects to be tails or whiskers of little rodents. 

The pastel, water-colour illustrations are finely detailed, showing even the knots of the wooden headboard on a child’s bed. There are plenty of familiar objects on each page for the young reader to spot. The narrative is well-paced with the dramatic sighting of the real mouse covering three double-spreads. The cute heroine’s comical expressions keep changing as she experiences a number of emotions throughout the story. 

Philippa Leathers skillfully captures the activity of a young cat on each page with a mix of movement and stillness. The little marmalade kitten is set against a plain white background each time she states ‘There are no mice in this house!’

There is a lot here for very young readers to enjoy and no doubt they will celebrate with Clemmie when she learns a new trick to outwit her little long-tailed enemy.