How to Save the World with a Chicken and an Egg

Ivy can talk to animals. No one believes her, but she really can. Nathaniel can’t seem to talk to anyone – human or animal – without getting it wrong. Why weren’t people interested in ants that can make themselves explode? Each needs a friend more than they know and each is determined to save the world. Now in a small, English seaside town, a creature is coming that needs their help – will they be able to work together to save it?

Communicating on environmental issues is so hard – finding that balance between preaching and enabling, encouraging action and causing panic and hopelessness. In this first in a series of books by Shevah for Chicken House on environmental Issues, she has managed something extraordinary, for not only has she successfully tackled environmental issues, but she has woven it seamlessly through the tapestry of this joyous story of friendship.

This is a story that is all about the power that even the youngest, smallest or seemingly disempowered person has to create change. It seems strange to say as almost a footnote that Shevah has also achieved one of the best portrayals of a child with special needs I have read in a children’s book – it is not named or over-explained, it just is. Buy this book if you just want a great story for anyone aged 8+, buy it if you need a story of hope and friendship, buy it to empower a young eco-warrior in your life. Buy it, borrow it from your library, borrow it from a friend – but, whatever you do, read it. You will not regret it.