Huggy Kissy

In Huggy Kissy, Patricelli’s adorable baby returns in a story that captures all the different aspects of family love that a small baby brings. This cute and fun board book is a good example of when simple is best. The minimal, rhythmical text carries you easily through the book and makes it hard not to smile when reading. 

Simple word pairs progress into fuller sentences that describe the many ways to show and enjoy love and happiness. The cartoon-like irresistible baby shares affection with mum and dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, other children  and even the family goldfish.

Huggy Kissy’s winning feature is definitely the wonderful illustrations. Their bold, bright colours contrast with heavy black outlines,  and their warm simplicity makes it really appealing to both child and parent. The highlight is a wonderful double-page spread illustrating the family pile up. An eye-catching and engaging book for ages 0–4 that is continuing to grow on this reviewer and her baby.