Hugo Pepper

Hugo Pepper is an orphan adopted by reindeer herders and raised as their own in the Frozen North. When he is 12, he discovers the wreck of a snow sleigh in the shed and his adoptive parents tell him the terrible truth.

As a baby, Hugo and his parents crashed in the snow sleigh and his parents were eaten by polar bears. Wanting to find out more, Hugo repairs the damaged snow sleigh, sets the compass for ‘Home’ and heads off to find out where he came from. Hugo lands with a thud in Firefly Square and the discovery of his parents’ past begins. But, Firefly Square holds more mystery than he imagined…

Hugo Pepper is the latest in the ‘Far Flung Adventure’ series from the creative team of Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart and it is a wonderful addition.

The reader is pulled into the story of Hugo Pepper as each chapter reveals to you a new story, enticing you to find out how all these characters are connected. In a sense, the reader becomes a ‘Story Collector’ like the core character Wilfred McPherson.

I love the ‘common sense’ magic of the book (of course mermaids can walk!) and you have this same sense of the characters. They have a practicality about them which makes the magical elements seem more realistic. And the intricate details of Chris Riddell’s pen and ink illustrations are beautiful. You finish this book feeling that the story has come full circle; you feel satisfied as a reader and what else do you want from a book? Age 7+