Ornithology and anthropology, the wonders of biology and the beauty of story, meet in this gorgeously presented narrative about the hummingbird. Their incredible migration north and the joy they bring to the lives of people in Latin America, at sea in the Pacific, and those living in New York City provide the backdrop for understanding the lives of these little birds better.

The soaring prose of Nicola Davies powerfully captures the drama of a tiny creature successfully navigating a huge journey with pinpoint accuracy, and Jane Ray’s illustrations are captivating, whether in their detail of a hummingbird’s plumage, or in their ability to capture big scenery in city, ocean and countryside.

Each part of the story is footnoted with a fascinating fact about the how and why of hummingbird diet and migratory habits. Children will love reading this story, and absorbing data in a way which lives and breathes the beauty of these little creatures. Nicola Davies manages to spin a yarn, capture a world, and exult in a diminutive bird in a way which is utterly compelling and contagious. A beautiful book about a beautiful bird, full of beautiful words and images.