I am Cat

A cat sleeps, curled up, safe and warm. While he sleeps, he dreams of other cats, wild and free, and so transports the reader to the African savannah to meet the Lion, to the Russian forest to meet the rare Amur Leopard and to many other faraway places, in search of his cousins.

I admit I am no lover of domestic cats, but there is something magical about this picturebook.  Each double spread focuses on a member of the cat family and the artwork introduces the animal, but also the environment it lives in. The realistic artwork is hugely atmospheric and this helps convey the eclectic habitats the cats live in. From the African plains to the heights of the Himalayas, I Am Cat is also an ode to the most beautiful and wild places on our planet, many of which we are in fierce danger of spoiling and losing, big cats included. There is passion oozing out of the pages for these animals, which are portrayed with a certain mythical aura, and for those landscapes, and this will encourage inquisitive young minds to find out more about the habitat of each of those majestic animals. The last double spread offers background information on each of the felids featured in the book.

Both text and artwork convey the strong connection that the cat feels towards his fellow members of the felidae family, something that humans would do well to remember sometimes.

I Am Cat will definitely delight cat-lovers, but is also simply a beautiful book about the natural world.