I am so Clever

I am so Clever is the third book in a series by Mario Ramos, in which the bigheaded big bad wolf attempts to prove that he is better than everyone else. Although in previous stories he failed to show that he was the strongest or most handsome in the enchanted forest, he returns once again with a plan to outwit Little Red Riding Hood and prove that he is the cleverest.

After donning Grandmother’s nightie, the big bad wolf finds himself locked outside and having to deal with a host of different fairytale characters, who fail to recognise him. As he becomes increasingly frustrated, he finally encounters Red Riding Hood. Will he be able to prove that he is smarter than her?

Mario Ramos was a a prolific Belgian author and illustrator, whose award-winning work has been published around the world. There is a looseness to the illustration which makes the depictions of well-known characters more playful than usual. The humour throughout, especially with the wolf’s final encounter, works well and helps readers to empathise with the wolf. The use of rich vocabulary will entertain and challenge younger children, while reminding them that pride comes before a fall. A fun read.