I Can’t Sleep

I Can’t Sleep addresses the age-old problem of insomnia. Children whose eyes are closing at the dinner table are suddenly wide awake as their head hits the pillow. This book follows the journey of one little girl who tosses and turns and wriggles and rolls as she struggles to fall asleep. She decides to use the tried and trusted remedy of counting sheep. However, these sheep are not the passive jumping-over-the-fence kind. Instead, they come down the chimney covered in soot, leap on the wardrobe and hide under the bed.

Gracia Iglesias’ text here is brought to life through the illustrations and typography of Ximo Abadia. These are big and bold, taking over the page with the shape of words enhancing their meaning. Eyes stare out at the reader as the illustrator plays with colour, scale and energy. The choice of background colour along with the images on each double-page spread really enhances the rhythm and pace of the story. Mid-way through the book, the images and text take on a calmer feel as the words and palette take on night-time hues and sounds.

A good bedtime book where children will enjoy the antics of the sheep while slightly older ones,  will enjoy reading the words and following their shapes on the page.