I Dare You

Two bored gorillas are playing a game of dares. As the game progresses, the gorillas dare each other to eat bigger and more outrageous items, including bugs, birds, rock and trees, until they reach the ultimate, icky dénouement. Then the game starts over again.

Reminiscent of the old nursery rhyme about the old lady who swallowed a fly, the story builds and builds, becoming more and more bizarre with each turn of the page. I loved it and found the slightly macabre ending very appealing, and although it may be a bit frightening for the younger ones, the repeated chant of ‘I dare you’ will keep them bobbing along nicely until they get there.

This book is beautifully put together by London-based author and illustrator Reece Wykes, who imbues his two simian stars with very different looks and immensely mischievous personalities. The gorillas are perfectly rendered, with languid poses and elastic limbs. The backgrounds are lovely, too – Wykes manages to easily convey a thick jungle setting without the characters becoming overwhelmed by foliage.