I Like Bees, I Don’t Like Honey!

Inspired by real contributors and responses, I Like Bees… I Don’t Like Honey! explores the likes and dislikes of various children. A début for both Sam Bishop and Fiona Lumbers, this picturebook is a lovely, thought-provoking read.

Bishop’s interactive, rhyming text is both fun and inspiring. The overall message is one of accepting difference and individuality. The text not only encourages young children to express their own feelings and develop confidence in their own opinions and beliefs, it also helps them to empathise with their peers – some people just happen to like or dislike certain things for any particular reason! Given that it treats all likes and dislikes as equally valid, this book will be particularly valuable for teaching children how to accept and respect the specific interests and dislikes of children with autism – even if they might seem odd to others.

Lumbers’ illustrations emulate the diversity of the protagonists’ views by depicting characters of all ethnicities, shapes and sizes. Yet, the images can also be enjoyed in their own right. Her characters are lovingly rendered in soft pencil and watercolour while her palette is wonderfully warm and playful. Lumbers is certainly a fresh talent!

Remarkably, all of the author’s royalties go towards the NSPCC. Buy your own child this book, and you will also be helping another child in the UK to stay safe.

Highly recommended for all young readers learning and accepting diversity at home and at school.