I Love Tractors!

‘Have you any tractor books?’ is a question I’ve often been asked while working in libraries and I’ll certainly be offering this book to the next child who asks! I Love Tractors is a beautifully illustrated book, full of glorious colour and rhyming text – perfect for reading aloud at storytime or bedtime. I particularly like how the illustrator has depicted the library within the story as a vibrant, child-friendly place where children are snuggled up in nooks, reading for pleasure. The story itself explores all the reasons why the young protagonist, Frankie McGee, is fixated on tractors, much to his mother’s dismay. While she tries to convince him that there are other subject matters worth exploring within the library, he’s not for turning and lists all the reasons tractors are better than planes, trains, and cranes. Tractor-loving children will be delighted to see the Massey Ferguson and John Deere featuring and are sure to have their own reasons as to why they love tractors too. But, tractors aside, this is a wonderful story about a little boy who regularly visits the library to learn more about something he loves. As Frankie says himself: ‘I like books – that’s what matters. Not what they’re about!’.