I met a man from Artikelly

This perfectly hilarious book of verse is a collection to be shared and loved by young and old. Basing his piece around place names, both in Ireland and abroad, Rosentstock has written a verse of four lines for each location, cleverly ending each line in rhyme with said location. As we make our journey from town to town we are introduced to some strange, interesting and generally quite humorous people. From the man who had a desire to fly, to the man who sold his Mum for some chewing gum, the book is anything but dull. 'The Man from Artikelly' was my own 6th class’ favourite, as they simply enjoyed the fact that anyone would offer a taste of jelly out of a smelly welly!

The lay out is extremely reader friendly and when reading this book you have the option of browsing through the verses as individual poems but also to read it as a whole; either as enjoyable as the other.

This is without doubt read-aloud poetry at its best. Poetry to be shared and loved, read time and again, and that will, at the very least, brighten up your day.