I Really Want That Unicorn

Chloe Crocodile really wants that unicorn. But there is more at stake in this book than a unicorn, even a Big Sparkly Mellow Yellow Unicorn, and, ultimately, Chloe learns that friendship is more important than winning or unicorns. Chloe and Veronica must both bake rainbow cakes, make magic castles, sew unicorn fairy costumes and then win the talent show in order to earn the highly coveted prize, but in their rivalry, they neglect to keep an eye on their other competitors. When Fabrizio the hippo swoops in and unexpectedly wins the competition, Chloe and Veronica decide to be friends – until next time, that is!

Santiago’s colourful drawings burst from every page – one magic castle is even so large that the book needs to be turned on its side to accommodate its size, keeping the reader on their toes. Each page is full of characters and activities, so that perhaps it is only on a second reading that one would notice the industrious hippo working in the background. The gender dynamics are also to be applauded, a very talented little boy in a tutu wins the sparkly unicorn and the fact that he is a boy is very purposefully not an issue.

The book is beautifully designed, with colourful antics spilling over into the title page and many details and extra speech bubbles to keep interest. Especially perfect for children who have ever competed on the stage, with a strong message that winning is not everything.