Ice Boy

David Ezra Stein is the Brooklyn-born illustrator and author of many award-winning books including the delightful Interrupting Chicken, winner of a 2011 Caldecott Honor.

With Ice Boy, David Ezra Stein tells the story of an ice cube who dreams of leaving the freezer where he lives both with his mum and dad, and with the never-ending threat of being ‘chosen’ to go to a faraway place like Lemonade or Milkshake. Ice Boy’s parents consider this to be a great honour, but Ice Boy has different ideas. Against his family’s advice to never go outside, Ice Boy flees the freezer and makes a beeline for the beach. Wading in the water turns him to Water Boy, washing up on the beach turns him to Vapour Boy, but floating up into a storm turns him to Ice Boy again, and, after several escapades, he reunites with his parents once more – in someone’s drink.

Although it’s a reasonably neat explanation of the water cycle, I couldn’t help feeling a little sorry for Ice Boy and the pre-destined circle of life he can never really escape from!