Step into a beautifully colourful journey around the world with this follow up to the bestselling Illuminature and Illumanatomy. This inventive read will totally immerse you into a geography lesson with a difference.

This third title in the series explores the world’s continents and reveals their hidden secrets through a magic coloured lens that illuminates each page in a kaleidoscope of colour. For each continent, the red lens portrays the cultural highlights crisp and clear; the green lens reveals maps and their boundaries; and the blue presents wildlife and plants in their natural habitat. The red lens is a clear, birds-eye view of the world’s city sites while the blue view offers more of a nocturnal filter. Without the lenses, the images are a dense concoction of melting colours illegible to the human eye.

This world tour features a 10 double-page collection of each layer. Each main picture encompasses something special that each colour filter will unlock. Each one of these pages is preceded by a key that identifies 18 items to spot and is followed by concise explanations of the cultural highlights and natural wonders.

Packed with facts and stunning illustrations, this is an atlas like no other from Milan-based design duo Carnovsky. Best for ages 5-9.