I’m Actually Really Grown Up Now

Hunkered down at the top of the stairs listening to the sounds of the party down below, Meena hatches a plan. She has had enough of being left out – from now on, she is going to be a grown up, and the very first thing she plans to do is to throw a very grown-up party of her own.

Award-winning illustrator Maisie Paradise Shearring really captures that feeling of frustration experienced by every child when all of the exciting things in life seem to be just out of age range. Her warm, vibrant illustrations capture the childish intensity with which Meena goes about becoming an adult. For Meena, it is all or nothing, but from wearing grown-up clothes to working hard to planning the party – for some reason, none of it seems quite as much fun as she thought it would be. Instead she finds herself with a long list of jobs to do and a party that no one seems to be enjoying, least of all her.

From the minute you open the front cover, you are drawn into the story by Shearring’s powerfully vibrant illustrations and Meena’s dogged determination to be a grown up. Beginning with Meena as somewhat of an outsider in the grown-up party, the book ends with a comforting, relaxed family portrait with Meena at the heart. A lovely read for children 2­-5.