In Focus: Cities

This book is a gloriously colourful tour through some of the world’s most important cities. Taking a collaborative approach, ten illustrators take one location each to convey something of the geography, culture, and unique colour of each place. Whether it is the vibrant streets of New York or the sumptuous sunset-soaked skyline of Istanbul, the reader is drawn into the bustle and drama of each city.

Coupled with these striking illustrations are little snippets of information about each place. The writing style is plain without being simplistic, and familiar facts find their place alongside less well-known trivia. Kabuki theatre is coupled with Japan’s love of baseball, the Eiffel Tower is given its iconic place, but quirky information like the fact that the world’s oldest basketball court is found in the Parisian YMCA are not ignored.

Younger children will love leafing through this book, absorbing the textures and tones of each location, while older children will find the rich information and lesser known facts compelling. A warmly recommended, cosmopolitan joy of a book which will reward return visits to each city included.