In Paris With You

In Paris With You could be the beginning of a sentence or the answer to a question. It locates our protagonists in space and company but not in time. Tatiana and Eugene have history, central to which is a story which is not theirs. Their paths diverge, until ten years later different versions of themselves and their relationship collide and emerge. “In Paris with you” for a second time, and all the curiosity, emotion and potential such a setting implies, as they go back into the past and reconcile their immature selves to have a chance to move forward.

The novel was first written in French and though this edition is entitled translation, Beauvais speaks of it as ‘the English version’, a useful distinction which serves to both bolster the newness of this work and appreciate its faithfulness to the original. The words in this story work hard. Their placement, in rhythmic prose and in the physical location on the page, give the reader atmosphere and emotion. The poetry loses itself sometimes, as poetry should when in the service of young people in love! Shifting cadence reflects the rhythm of their changing realities.

In this story and the writing, a reader might come to see the value of the simple and sincere. This book is one of and on communication, chance and choice. It is a beautiful and enjoyable story of emotion and the arts, a call to own our words and use them carefully.