In the City

The city is a place full of noises, sounds, smells… a bustling haven for the senses, and the present picturebook by Dominika Lipniewska conveys this idea most perfectly! Here, geometrical shapes and primary colours come together to pay tribute to the beauty of life in the city.

Page by page, as the urban day unfolds, the reader explores different styles of architecture and shapes, meets inhabitants (some human, some furrier) and experiences the varied jumble of hobbies, transports, foods, shops, art and other opportunities offered by the metropolis.

Lipniewska’s illustrations are vibrant, dynamic and make for a truly engaging read. The language used is simple and the sentences’ quick pace and rhythm are reminiscent of the energetic footsteps of city walkers. Meanwhile, the pages keep the eye busy with their minute details and hidden surprises that are bound to be unveiled with each read.

The attention paid throughout the book to the representation of inhabitants in all their diversity and ability is much appreciated, and the portrayal of the city as a collection of encounters and hub for connections is a cheering ode to the exciting perspectives offered by the city. This book is warmly recommended to young readers aged 0-4 – but also to adults who might be disenchanted by lengthy, rainy commutes and other urban hassles and might need some reminding of the city’s exciting colours.