Incredible Journeys

In this beautifully presented hardback publication, real-life adventurer, Levison Wood, chronicles the fantastic feats of some of history’s most notable characters. From the first movements of Homo Erectus out of the continent of Africa, to the vast expeditions of Alexander the Great, onto the epic journeys of Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta and Magellan, and all the way to Earhart’s flight and James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge at the Mariana Trench, Levison takes the reader on their own awe-inspiring trip to learn more about the incredible journeys of these boundary-pushing men and women.

Levison begins the book with a personal account of his enduring love of travel. From an early age he read about far-off places and the famous men and women who had discovered them. He dreamed of exploring the thus far unexplored territories of the world and he studied and worked hard in order to do so. This personal slant is a feature throughout the book as Levison outlines his experiences such as walking the length of the Nile or travelling along the Silk Road. He also includes a useful two-page spread which gives some top tips on how to be an explorer.

The exciting content, the personal touch throughout and the colourful maps and infographic-style spreads on gorgeous thick paper make this book a joy to pick up and delve into. It’s a book that will undoubtedly inspire young readers to not just read about the incredible journeys of others, but to embark on their own pioneering adventures.