It’s My Pond

It’s My Pond is the latest book from French author and illustrator Claire Garralon and has been translated into English by Sarah Ardizonne for Book Island, who specialise in translated picturebooks. In it, yellow duck stumbles upon a nice pond and claims it as her own. She is joined by white duck who also thinks the pond is quite lovely and suggests they split it in two. Then red duck wants a piece and then green duck too, and very soon the nice little pond is split into tiny bits and pieces. Each duck sits still in their own designated space with no room for swimming or splashing about. Luckily the fun-loving black duck waddles into the tale with a fresh perspective on sharing.

This book is a gorgeous, sturdy hardback with thick matte paper – perfect for tiny hands. It has minimal text, simple shapes and bold colours on a stark white background. The adorable wide-eyed hook-a-ducks of various colours are sure to be loved by toddlers. The vibrant and cleanly laid-out illustrations will also encourage very young readers to develop their counting skills and to identify colours.

It’s My Pond is a beautifully illustrated tale of equality and sharing, exploring the idea that sharing is far more fun than merely possessing. These themes as well as the humorous ending make this the perfect book for parent and toddler read-alouds. The repetitive text throughout the book also makes it an excellent resource for emergent readers in either a Montessori or Primary School setting.