It’s the End of the World as We Know it

Saci Lloyd has leaped from the very realistic near-future world of Costa-shortlisted The Carbon Diaries 2015 and 2017 into a parallel universe beyond your wildest dreams. Mikey Malone is hoping to kiss the girl of his dreams when he is whisked away through a rip in the fabric of time and space, a wormhole, and finds himself in a parallel universe, the planet DEVA. Here he meets Kix Kaloux, a Kickass pansexual being, BitZer, a tiny infobot (plus a lot of other typographically interesting characters!). Poor Mikey: “Ten minutes ago I was in my room with the hottest girl in the bloody universe and now I’m trapped in a data tunnel-slash-psychotic episode talking to the mini robot sidekick of an insane asexual hyperfemale…”. And so begins his crazed adventure (that includes a war over a ball of cheese) with zombies, data pirates, surfboard-riding robots and clones.  DEVA is being destroyed by an evil algae. Hearing about the wormhole, the Korporation, overseen by a megalomaniac Lolcat called Onska, thinks Earth might be the perfect dumping ground. And Mikey has to find a way to get home.

Lloyd seems to be really enjoying herself creating these original characters with their distinct and sharp dialogue – one talks with Zzs instead of Ss; another inverts first letters of words (nalking tormal is so boring!)- and there’s an African parrot that screeches obscenities and causes havoc.

This a totally bonkers and hilariously surreal read packed with crazy characters that will make readers laugh out loud.