Kiki and Bobo’s Super Surprise

Meet Kiki and Bobo, two friends who are getting ready for a very special day. Both are planning a surprise secret party, but who is it for?

The personalities of this lively pair are different with Kiki being bouncy and Bobo tending to be the shy one of the duo. This is a lift-the-flap story book which gives many opportunities for engaging the young child with the story.

The story opens with the duo planning their day over breakfast. Each is being vague with the other as they go about planning their surprise. Kiki busies herself in the kitchen making a cake; lifting the flaps reveal the cake-making process. Bobo is at the supermarket shopping for goodies for the party and pays a visit to the toyshop for a gift. Back home Kiki is getting the house ready for the party. The friends are busy making sure that everything is perfect for the other. But it is only one of them who is celebrating a birthday – who will it be?

This book enables both adult and child to become story detectives and predict what will happen next. Lifting the flaps adds to the text, creating suspense and encouraging language development.

This book illustrates the power of friendship, love and sharing. Its colourful illustrations engage the younger child, thus encouraging our earliest readers to engage with literature. Highly recommended.