Knock Knock Pirate

‘Knock knock!’ Who could that be? A little girl opens her door to find a pirate captain with skeleton earrings and wild purple hair. Searching for treasure, the captain and her crew burst inside, ransacking every room in their hunt for gold. But there are no spoils to be found! In a desperate bid to get rid of her unwanted visitors, the little girl hands over a road map with a promise of treasure at the red dot. Delighted with her help, the pirates decide to take the girl and her whole house with them on their quest. A rollicking adventure ensues as the house-boat sets sail on the wild seas, spotting mermaids, avoiding sharks and battling a giant squid. But will the pirates find their gold, or will they realise they’ve been fooled and make their newest recruit walk the plank?

This action-packed story is told through rhyme with simple language and bold black text, making it accessible and appealing to young readers. A counting element is incorporated as we are gradually introduced to new characters, from granny pirates to baby pirates and even a few smelly pirates! The illustrations are lively and colourful, with humorous details that would appeal to all ages. Pirates are an ever popular subject in picturebooks, but having a female protagonist and a female captain is a less common and very welcome sight. So, hoist the Jolly Roger, grab your telescope, and keep your eyes peeled for that treasure chest!