Knock! Knock! Where’s My Bear?

This is an architectural, or sculptural, book, in which the story unfolds as the reader unfolds the cardboard building that is central to the narrative. The novel format may encourage readers of any age to think about how a traditional book works, through exploding conventions of the picturebook form, whilst maintaining conventions of the picturebook regarding narrative, such as repetition and anticipation.

A little girl arrives home from school. Discovering that she has lost her toy bear, she moves from flat to flat, climbing up to the roof, asking the question in the title. After she finds her bear, the final element of the story unfolds into a staircase back down to ground level.

Behind each door is a different life, some ordinary, some fantastical, the latter in particular referencing Asian cultures. Some of the other flats contain wild weather or forests.

This is a charming, gentle, text, which offers an additional opportunity to explore how a book works.

Ages 0-4, 5-7 (but all ages with regard to exploring how books works)